The evening event is fully booked

Please read the FAQ on this page first before you order!

There are currently no events.

Registration FAQ

We will try to describe a short solution here for problems that we find or are reported.

If you still have questions or problems, please send us an email

We will then try to support you in this way.

If the order fails, this can have different causes. Sometimes the payment request doesn’t go through to Stripe or there is a problem with the card provider.

But you should definitely note the following.

You can only place an order for one of the events or register once per e-mail address.
If the order fails, then any attempt to place a new order will also fail.
Typically, you will then get the message that an email address is already registered.
Please do not try to place the order several times in a row – it will not work.

If you have a problem, please contact us at:

We will then support you in this way.

We are aware of this issue. We found out from the manufacturer of the plugin that this is not supported. Please simply complete the ordering process for each ticket

The first mail comes directly after the ordering process. The first mail shouldn’t actually contain the ticket. At least that’s how the system behaved in our tests.
The second email with the ticket comes as soon as we complete the ordering process manually. We will also check again whether the payment was successful.

After reporting this issue today we looked into it and the ticket is the same in both cases. So all good – just a bit confusing for everyone involved.

Even if you receive this email immediately after placing your order, the order is only valid when we complete the order after checking it.

Should there still be any discrepancies, then simply get in touch via stating the order number.

In short: there will be no seating arrangement. Everyone can take a seat wherever they want.
An exception are the tables around Nagato Sensei – these are mainly given to high teachers who also know Nagato Sensei well.
We ask for your understanding.