Registration is only possible via this event website. Registration is only possible for the entire event (payment for individual days is not possible).

Nobody can predict which rules will apply at the time of the event.  After consultation with Nagato Sensei, we may provide additional measures.

The Bujinkan Dojo is politically and religiously neutral. Please respect this if you wish to attend the event. Everyone is welcome, no matter which country they are from and regardless of the current political situation there. Any insinuations or conflicts are undesirable.

Weapons of any kind (except blunt training weapons)

  • Pyrotechnic items
  • Illegal drugs
  • Clothing, badges, etc. with political messages
  • Film/video cameras and other recording devices which, due to their type, equipment and size, are obviously not exclusively for private recordings.

The organizer is entitled to take custody of the prohibited objects for the duration of the event and to hand them back over at the end.

Yes, please have your admission ticket (QR code) or wristband ready.

The organizer reserves the right to refuse entry to the event if a visitor

  • carries prohibited objects or
  • is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or
  • openly opposes the free democratic basic order or in the way of Basic Laws.

If there is an important reason for the refusal of admission, the admission ticket loses its validity and the admission price will not be refunded.  If the reason no longer applies (e.g. handing in the prohibited item or sobering up by the following day), participation can be granted again.

Access to the event is only possible with a valid admission ticket (QR code) or an intact event wristband. The QR code is scanned and the event wristband is attached to the wrist when you first enter or pre-register the evening before. Unlocked event wristbands are no longer valid.

Please keep in mind that Sensei travels by plane and therefore cannot transport bulky items. For example, Sensei drinks almost no alcohol and only 2 bottles of alcohol per person may be imported into Japan. Please keep this in mind if you plan to bring something for him. We will allow time for gift giving at the evening event on Saturday.

Sensei will do Godan tests. Pre-registration is important so that we can plan accordingly. To register you need the pre-filled form, your Yondan certificate, the right money in YEN, a passport photo and a written recommendation from your teacher (Nagato Sensei requirement).

No, at the request of Nagato Sensei, private photo and video recordings during the training sessions are expressly prohibited. Violations can lead to exclusion from the event at the discretion of the organizer. During the breaks and at the evening events, private video and photo recordings are permitted, with the respective photographer being responsible for compliance with the legal requirements, in particular compliance with the GDPR.

Will photos and videos be taken during training? Yes. We have a team assigned to do video and photography during the training. Please let our team take care of the video and photography so you can enjoy your training! By registering, the participant agrees that photos and videos may be taken of him or her during the event, which can be used for publications (e.g. on the internet, in social media, newspapers or on TV).

Since the parking situation at the venue is difficult, we would like to ask you to leave your car at the hotel if possible and to travel by public transport. This applies in particular to Friday and Saturday. Sufficient parking spaces should be available on Sundays.

Participation in the training at this seminar weekend is a part of leisure sports.  Every participant should be aware of the risk of injury inherent in training in a martial art. Health insurance usually covers the costs of treatment for injuries sustained this way.  For any further accident protection – even with long-term consequences – each participant must insure himself.

Organizers, speakers, trainers or helpers assume no liability and no accident protection for the participants

Yes, there is also vegetarian food. We are committed to ensuring that there is something for everyone.

This is possible up to a week prior. We just need all the credentials to rewrite the ticket.

If the event is canceled, we will find an alternative date and the application will still be valid.
However, the application can also be canceled at your request and your money will be refunded. Unfortunately, The Charge of the registration platform (Fee) can not be refunded.

We have a plan B: In this situation, Daishihan from different countries will teach.
Since costs would be lower, you would also get some of your money back.
Cancellation would be unfavorable, but of course possible because we ordered everything for you.

Since it is not a sports venue, there are no showers and changing rooms. We have a side room as a female changing area reserved. Others will be moved to the town hall as it also is in Japan in Hombu Dojo.

Yes, there is a dress code. We ask that you dress festive and elegant. This means ideally a suit for men (but at least one set of black jeans, shirt, and jacket) and an evening/cocktail dress, costume, pantsuit, sheath dress, or elegant skirt with a blazer for the ladies.

Not every restaurant or pub accepts credit card.  Please bring enough cash with you.

Most of the time Nagato Sensei uses a soft hanbo, a soft bokken or a tanto in his training and occasionally a soft bo.  So, if you bring a tanto and a soft hanbo, it should be enough.

There will be a shop by Matthias Lehwald on the Taikai (https://www.soft-bo.com/).